Fog In Place ®

Aurratech has developed a revolutionary technology known as Fog In Place ® or FIP.  Fog In Place is the process of sanitizing or disinfecting three dimensional spaces through the creation of a micro particle biocide solution. 

The Aurra machine creates and delivers fog composed of a biocide solution fragmented into billions of particles less than than one micron in size. The particles are low in weight, inertia and gravitational attraction generating 100% surface contact by remaining suspended for long periods of time.

Sanitize Effectively

Fog In Place ensures airborne disinfection and 100% surface contact by reaching all areas and around odd shapes.

Disinfect Efficiently

Fog In Place generates no moisture and reduces more than 99% of the water, waste and sanitizing solution typically associated with traditional liquid based SIP procedures.

Sanitize Smartly

Fog In Place is an NTD (non touch delivery) system that reduces human error associated with manual procedures. The combined savings of man power, time, energy, solution and water are immediate, significant and profound.




Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Production Facilities, Office, Public Transportation

100% Surface Coverage without the risk of human error.


Red Meat, Fish, Poultry and Pork. 

High Level Airborne and Surface Disinfection for Cold Rooms, Deboning Rooms, Packing Areas, IQF Areas and Clean Rooms.


Ready to Eat, Slicing, Frozen Foods, Catering Industries.

High Level Disinfection Process for Gyro and Tunnel Freezers against ListeriaM and Salmonella.


Wine, Beer, NFC juice, Non Alcoholic and General Beverages.

Aseptic and Sanitary Tanks, Lines and Equipment,Tankers.


Airborne Disinfection at Coolers and Fermentation Rooms.


Cold Room and Bin Surface Disinfection Pre and Post Harvest.

Airbone Disinfection - Mold Control. 


Vaccine and Medicine Processing and Manufacturing Areas.

Laboratories and Animal House.


Biosecure Farms, Egg Disinfection, Hatcheries, Broiler Farms, Transport Crates, Containers.

FIP + PAA Solution is a proven alternative for Formaldehyde Egg Disinfection.


FIP can deliver a Nano Film Coating of any solution on product surfaces with minimum wetness.


Nursery Greenhouses, Vertical Farms, Pharma Cannabis Production

FIP can be used as a Pesticide, Herbicide and/or a Fertilizer.

JBT partners with Aurratech to make innovative sanitizing technology available worldwide


In the news

"To prevent the virus from spreading, the hospital uses a dry mist disinfection machine.

The machine produces a fog which is capable of sanitizing rooms. A disinfectant is broken into nanoparticles and spread through tubes until it fills the entire environment, killing viruses and bacteria.

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"Aurratech mixes water with Peracetic Acid to create micro for bubbles that can be used to sanitize tanks."

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"Julien Gervreau, senior sustainability manager for Jackson Family Wines, said they've been able to reduce the ratio of water use to 4.5 gallons of water for each gallon of wine produced. That is down from 6 to 9 gallons which is the industry average."

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"A big focus of water savings at the company is in winery production, where much of it is used to clean large tanks and barrels. The company has now two options to dramatically reduce the water consumption in the sanitation process. One device is an essentially a fog machine that emits micro bubbles, which adhere to the side of the tank and kill any biological activity as the surface is sterilized."

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99, in partnership with a Brazilian startup called Aurratech, announced on Friday (27) that it is starting a free car cleaning system for its partner drivers, aiming to stop the Covid-19 outbreak caused by the new coronavirus.

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JBT Corporation will make innovative sanitizing technology available worldwide thanks to a new agreement with Aurratech Inc.

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Ensuring life through sanitization - food, environments, industry.

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